Validating xml schema net

That xmlns attribute specifies a "default namespace" and means that the root element and its children are in this namespace.What i misunderstood is that, there's no way with the DOM api to specify a "default namespace" for each children of the root element.Error will be located in XML script and its location will be highlighted.

Old error message: Warning: DOMDocument::schema Validate() [function.schema Validate]: Element 'child_integer': 'Error condition.' is not a valid value of the atomic type 'xs:integer'.This article explains the procedure for performing that validation using Before validating an XML document, you must specify the location of the XML XSD Schema.By using XMLFox Advance you can validate XML document for both cases, when your XML document contains an in-line XSD schema and for an outside XSD file as well. First one displays an XML with in-line XSD and the second shows two separate XML and XSD files.and Warning: Could not find schema information for the element 'Root'.Warning: Could not find schema information for the element 'Other'.

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