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, knows the fraught tightrope walk that is dating after divorce all too well.The New York City divorce attorney and mediator is both a divorcee and a child of divorce herself.“This is for people looking for love or companionship the second, third or even fourth time around,” Ziegler says, “people who have experienced loss, people who understand what it’s like to be on a high and in love and then fall off and have to get back out there again.” To get started, users answer a series of “Vikki-isms” -- quirky, revealing questions written by Ziegler herself.

Related: 5 Essential Tips for Financial Planning After Divorce Another differentiating feature, called “Wingmen,” allows users’ close friends and family to “provide gut checks” on prospective matches, indicating if they they think the person makes the cut or not.In the years before she was well known as a woman living with AIDS, Rae Lewis-Thornton struggled with disclosing to partners just like most others. But I felt that I had no right to put a person at risk, that I should give them an option. And you understand that it's not necessarily a rejection of you, but a rejection of HIV. Just like you have the right to not date somebody who's unemployed, you have the right to not date somebody who has HIV. "I had people who wanted to be with me, but they didn't want other people to know they were with me. But I came to a place that if a man couldn't walk with me in a park in the daylight, he couldn't get no coochie in the dark." Then I got married and divorced. Because by the time I got divorced I was super-famous. But to want to have just a casual sexual relationship with a woman with AIDS, is kind of mind boggling to me."Just like you have the right to not date somebody who's unemployed, you have the right to not date somebody who has HIV," she says; "But I never had a man say no." Rae shares her dating experiences, her journey toward self-love above all else -- and her response to men who've wanted to have sex with her without a condom. You sit down in a very neutral place, like at the kitchen table; and you tell the person that you have HIV. Most people know me, in the black community especially, by face or by name. I don't think I'd want to have a casual relationship with someone with AIDS.That logo, and the pastel pink clothes are at odds with her prima donna persona; so is her manner: she is piano, almost pianissimo.I am as shocked by this subdued figure as if I’d caught the diva in her underwear.

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