Dating dresden figurines

Every ruling prince wanted to produce his own porcelain.

The two world wars and communism had a dramatic effect on the factories.

A few months ago, my mother gave me a pair of 19th-century Dresden figurines that had belonged to her grandmother.

They are lovely - a slightly chubby boy and girl, both dressed in Petit Trianon notions of shepherdess chic, both holding baskets of china flowers, and both, as a result of having been packed away for years, in need of a clean.

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The Chinese manufacturers kept the production of porcelain secret and it became very coveted and represented great wealth and refinement in Europe.

However in the 18th century the secret of “white gold” production was mastered in Europe.

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The Chinese have produced porcelain for hundreds of years and it was first brought to Europe in the seventeenth century via the trade route of the Dutch East India Company.I can only see the small defect shown in my photo with my naked eye.There are roughened areas at the bottom of both pupils. ( Antique Conta & Boehme Porcelain Pug Dog Condiment Dispenser ): Wouldn’t you love to have this pair of darling pugs looking up at you from your kitchen table?Raw materials and trade were disrupted during the wars, the Jewish owned businesses were taken over by the Third Reich and after 1945 Eastern Germany came under Russian control.All production in Saxony became destined for the Eastern Block market until about the late fifties when there was an urgent need for foreign currency.

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