Embrace rejection dating dating two guys at the same time

Fear of rejection by a woman is an irrational fear.

And the only way to rid yourself of it is to face it.

If you read my post on how to avoid rejection, you will remember that I actually advised you not do it.

That is because if you are not getting rejected, you are playing it safe and therefore not reaching your potential. Here are my top two: Fear is a state of worry over a potential outcome.

I later rang her up asking her out for dinner, having strongly indicated that I was about to do so.

Her response was to not directly answer but invite me to a group lunch she was hosting after church on Sunday.

“There must be something wrong with me.” The same is true when someone with whom you’d like to explore a relationship doesn’t return the interest.In itself, this sounded to me like a gentle rejection, but she gave perfectly plausible excuses for why she couldn't plan ahead and said something positive-sounding about potential future beyond the lunch.I went to the lunch and we both spoke to various people, but not to each other that much.You follow up, you wait, things usually don’t pan out.When you do find success, you realize that it came the way most things in life happen — organically, through people you know.

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