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You may have little desire to go back to see parents or relatives for Christmas dinner and experience pitying looks and pointed avoidance of mentioning your “lifestyle choice.” And let’s not forget the delighted smiles when talking about family friends who’ve recently been blessed with loveable grandchildren.I am not going to list multiple techniques to avoid going home, nor am I going to supply you a quick-fix instant boyfriend solution.Having a partner doesn’t appear to be a protection from sadness or a recipe for a magical Christmas. There were two Christmases that found me in romantic relationships.The countdown is beginning — everywhere you go you hear Christmas songs and see tinsel, baubles and inflatable Santas.You get to eat very tasty and unhealthy food and cover up the extra pounds gained with a large sweater.And when you’re back at the gym in January, you’ll be surrounded by a lot of overweight people kick-starting their New Year resolutions, so your weight gain won’t be as noticeable.

Treat yourself to a few dating self-help books and dedicate part of your home as the headquarters of Operation Boyfriend. Use the time off to check out what’s being offered and which deals work for you.I saw a Christmas episode, one in which Rachel is upset that she’s single.“I hate being alone this time of year,” she says, joining a large sorority of characters from movies and holiday episodes who have dragged their own evergreen trees through New York City streets or made glum small talk at their parents’ party in an ugly Christmas sweater.You don’t even have to change clothes if you want (but you probably should at some point though). You can be a new you in the New Year Unhappy with your love life this year?Take stock of all the pros and cons of your relationship experience over the past 12 months, and write down everything you’ve learned about yourself — because, trust us, you’ve learned A LOT.

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