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Every domain registration comes with advanced security features, email forwarding, customized page parking and other valuable free extras.Add credibility and professionalism to your site with a uk domain from Namecheap today!Actors on big budget movies may claim to perform their own stunts all the time, but usually this isn’t the case.Even if they want to, the practical realities (their lack of experience, the high cost to insure them, and the need to have them uninjured for the remainder of the shoot) usually conspire to rule them out of all but the most minor of scenes.The Home Office has said this interpretation of their guidance is incorrect, and that the regulations are not new, nor will the Government remove EU citizens from the country if they do not have CSI.A Home Office spokesperson told : “It is completely wrong to say that we have new powers to deport EU citizens without comprehensive sickness insurance.EU citizens will not be removed from the UK or refused entry solely because they do not have this insurance."Their right to remain will remain unchanged while we are a member of the European Union and they do not need any additional documents to prove their status.” But the briefing, published on the website 'Free Movement' which offers updates and advice on UK immigration and asylum law, nonetheless provoked a wave of panic from European nationals residing in the UK.

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Dozens of people posted comments on a link to the article shared on a Facebook page for the campaign group the3million.

“I’m scared,” one person said simply, while another expressed confusion, saying: “It raises more questions than answers.” Among those expressing concern were a number of European mature students studying in the UK, as well as spouses of British citizens who are not in work – all of whom are at risk of being removed from the country under the new regulations.

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